Proposal: Available support indicator

The basic idea would be a window or ui that shows which planes (or artillery) are in the air and ready to attack. This way infantrymen would know when support is and is not available. Pilots might also be able to say if they are supporting main AO or side op. This could make it less frustrating for the infantryman who held a laser for 5 minutes without knowing that their were no planes available to hit it. And people could easily request individual vehicles like helicopters or a plane. It could even have a system where infantry could send a little text to a pilot telling them where they need support and what they need help destroying. This could also work for transport and transport could switch statuses to rtb, carrying, available etc.

Sorry this post is incoherent, but I hope it makes some sense

To make this easier for implementing, maybe the pilots would have to manually change there setting, and what they are flying. This would get rid of problems possibly caused by the game automatically assigning what they would be doing. You could also allow ATC to edit everyone’s current vehicle shown and their status for them. Pilots should only be able to change their own as well as FSG gunner/commander

That’s a pretty neat idea. I’ve been mulling over ways to balance the use of Halo Jump with the availability of transport and didn’t consider something like this.

you could also maybe have transport helicopters have signs above them that say where they are planning to go

I like the idea, but it might be more work than it is worth. There is the usual more scripts = more lag on the server thing so let’s get that out of the way. Another issue is that you can always ask the people on the TS for a CAS strike on something (if they haven’t already taken it out). And if you’re not feeling like talking in TS, you can always type in side or join their group and talk. It might seem kind of lame, but I think the time difference between the two would be minimal. Interesting idea, though.

Mythi’s reply is correct. This is not practical for performance reasons.The simple answer is for players to join TeamSpeak.