To all the squad leaders and above if you have a training day with your squad or others apart of NAK Tac please contact me in this Forum post or through TS. The reason i made this is because i would like to confirm with you who joined and also run over a few things that involves getting promoting.

If you don鈥檛 contact me then no promotion points will be handed so please tell me. :slight_smile:

LBJ, Keith, and Andreis joined me for a run through with ace and moving in pairs.

Thank you Mythi points have been added

I was on the weekend before last I believe with a handful of guys testing things out - may have to verify the logs but i think it was a Saturday

Ok to make everyone clear. I have posted how many points you need to get and also how to get them in order to be promoted. Once you are close to being promoted i will send an email to you. BUT you will need to complete a few questions in order to be promoted.
路 30 points for attending in person training
路 25 points for Trainer prep Training lesson
路 20 points for unit referral
路 15 points for Completed Basic Training lesson
路 10 points for attending Special Event
路 10 points for completing document/web based training
路 7 points for attending weekly Main operation
路 5 Points for attending squad meeting (one per week)
路 5 points for promoting NAK TACTICAL on NAK public servers. (1 Hour minimum. must provide documentation submission) [once per month]
路 3 points for attending weekly Side operation
路 2 points for every hour of service to Headquarters Company
路 2 points for enrolment into NAK Tac Steam Group

Today, Lt. Sana, Andreis, Booby Hell, its_MJRD1524 MODZ, and Chuck Norris joined me in some CQB practice. We also had some quality bonding time while people were troubleshooting.

Roger that i will add the points

I was there one the first discovery days, as well as the testing days not sure if they count.

I鈥檓 not sure if this has been covered but ideally we want promotion point tasks to be passed up through the chain of command to consolidate and simplify things. For example let鈥檚 say that a fireteam went out and did some training, the fireteam leader can record the names of those who participated and pass the time and date and names up to his squad leader who can then report it. We can stop it at the squad leader level and have squad leaders keep track of and report things for promotion points. This should simplify and speed things up.

I am going to create a form for NAK Tac to report promotion points. And on that page we will document the process. But in general all points for a given week will need to be reported by a specific day. All major promotion points (awards, medals, etc) will need to be reported by a specific day in a month. All rank promotions will happen monthly.

Yesterday Hammer (H), Lt. Sana, and ddude, joined me in an hour long training going over proper radio procedures, how they are expected to behave, and general things to be looking out for and listening too. also went over some troubleshooting to make sure everything was working for everyone.

All training and trainers need to be approved before training takes place. The only individuals that can offer weekly training for promotion points are Squad leaders and above. I am glad that players are help each other but this does not count as 鈥渢raining鈥.

If you guys want to gain points from training the best thing is to write in your squad chat and let them know. Once you have done this i can then see that it is a squad meeting (squad training) and can add points

Golden that is how i would like it to be but i have received a word from anyone on TS only by creating this players that are part of NAK TAC can respond and tell me.