Player Self Punish TK'ers

We have re-enabled the player controlled punishment script. If a player is TK’ed by another player, they with get a hint message that indicates that they are able to punish the player with the action menu. In the action menu the player that was TK’ed will have the option to -=Punish=- or Forgive. If the player chooses -=Punish=- the offending player will be kicked from the server, for 1 min I believe.

This is the same script that we had in the past, with some corrections. Pilots/Drivers should not be “blamed” for the gunners TK’s with this new version.

One small issue, with the script enabled, the incapacitation and TK messages that previously showed in the chat no longer appear. We may look into showing a hint message to a player that is incapacitated, indicating the name of the player that shot them.

If a player force responds they will not be able to punish, and if the player bleeds out they will not be able to punish.

If you find any bugs or errors, feel free to post them here.

This is a great addition, I hope evetything works out.