Player misconduct report and i was banned for it

Hi everyone,

I was playing as a pilot on USS FREEDOM , when another pilot came and started bothering me to take my jet, he started reporting wrong reports of me such as friendly fire, team speak, , etc, then he stood in front of my jet when i was taking-off and he was killed by my plane , and so fast he reported me as a team killer and i got banned.

Its really bothering that system or Admins believe every report written on chat, so if someone hates someone its enough to report him and he will be kicked (or banned) , I hope you solve this problem on future.

Offender’s name : Glenn
description : Abusing and reporting wrong reports just for hate.
server : NAK Malden #2
Date and time : on 21/12/2017 on 01:30 GMT
Admins : I dont know.

my user name was : MaeN99
steam ID : 76561198354808507

I hope you help me , and fix these problems on the server, thanks .

After sort of interviewing people and reading all the logs over and over I just sat for 30 minutes thinking about this one. Report in question is 12/20/2017 8:13 PM (Side) Glenn admin Maen99 isn’t in ts and is teamkilling …

Glenn ran in front of maen99’s plane then wrote this into chat, both sides agree on this. I confronted Glenn and he said he was referring to the team kill from earlier. At first I thought this was possible but then i realized that earlier was 15 minutes prior and at the time of the report he had just been run over by maen99. Glenn also says that he reported the team kill before the jet ran him over which does not seem to match the timing.

8:20 PM Glenn says: admin player has tried to steal jets/helicopters multiple times even dressing up as one (currently). player explained in game immediately that he was new and he wasnt in pilot role so he couldnt get in. I typed in chat and let him know why he cant get in. player came into TS and was good so it feels like Glenn was just being too ambitious.

Final point, talked with players who reported glenn later for teamkilling and ramming that happened a little while after all of this. I talked with a couple of players about this and they had good details, spoke clearly, and were consistent so I believed them. Later on, after Glenn’s ban was put in place, this was confirmed by him.

These last two points happened in the same day and were more for character references for the purposes of this ban to see if he can be trusted to be a good and honest player.

Add all this up and it increases my ban from one day to two days based on the events and the player’s actions which solidify the false report claim . False reporting is taken very seriously and would normally warrant a longer ban. However, this situation does not feel as concrete as is ideal. His report did lead to another player’s ban, whether or not it is true, and I believe his story is weak and therefore his report false. The evidence suggests that Glenn reported after he jumped in front of maen99’s plane, not before, and was referring to maen99 running him over when he reported intentional tk.

This is the timing in question that suggests Glenn forced maen99 to kill him and then afterwards reported him. It seems like Glenn got himself killed and then maen99 tried to defend himself very shortly after.
8:13 PM (Side) Glenn admin Maen99 isn’t in ts and is teamkilling
8:13 PM (Group) MaeN99 shut uo
8:13 PM (Group) MaeN99 /
8:13 PM (Side) MaeN99 you stepped infront of the plane — (This was not seen as it was entered either at the time of submission or creation of the ban)
At 8:14pm maen99’s ban went through