Permanent Firing Range

Requesting a permanent firing range with pop-up targets (please no AI). Ranges varied from 200 - 1000 meters.
Of course an Arsenal near by.

I will also be available as a Range Master if needed and as a Sniper School Instructor as I have gotten familiar with the DAGR, Vector 21, Kestrel and AtragMX

Let me know.

We will be able to change mission files on the NAK Tac server. If we need to do shooting practice we will have a mission made specifically for that with a detailed range. As is your FOB will almost always contain a 50m range with simple targets for use during acceptable times. Keep in mind zeus will be enabled on the NAK Tac server and a range could be set up off the back of the carrier during down times. I will also defiantly keep you in mind as an instructor when needed.

Okay thank you.

I was just thinking if the missions/maps aren’t going to change there would be a default map location setup as our Main NAK Tac HQ with a nearby firing range that anyone can enter while there aren’t operations underway.