Pat Omally - Ban Appeal

In game name: Pat Omally
Steam Profile link: Steam Community :: Rozzi20
Video of ban reason: Record, Clip, Edit, Share, and Relive Your Game Clips & Gameplay -
Name of admin: VileAce time 1829 CST 09/17/2017
Explanation: I have only been playing on the malden and altis server for two days and from my understanding from other players/ other Nak personnel is Nak elite werent supposed to take pilots slot and if they did they were supposed to be in TS. All I said was “even if Nak elite your arent supposed to take a pilot slot”.That is what he put in chat. I got perm banned for enforcing rules…never did I say anything about being an admin nor did I enforce rules…nor did I say this person was going to be banned or kicked off… I simply wanted to communicate with other pilots and to work as a team.

I edited this do I can show you why I was “banned”. I broke rule #2 per your rules:
RULE #2) Impersonating an admin.
1st Offense: Permanent ban.
Definition: Impersonating on admin involves but is not limited to: Telling people you are a server admin, threatening to ban someone, copying an admin name, or making fake NAK Command tags.

Never did I do anything of this and you can check.

Based on the logs and the impression of many players, you were enforcing the rules, as I stated in the game chat, enforcing the rules is for the admins to do. You were asked three times to stop trying to enforce the rules and you continued. Another players stated that you told them to send messages to the player in question telling them that they would be shot down. Then that player entered TeamSpeak and you continued to enforce server rules, according to multiple players.

On the server we send a message every 10 minutes that states “If you need help include Admin as part of the message, if a Admin is online, we will be happy to help you.” and another that says "To report a player for breaking server rules send a message that includes “Admin ‘player name’ and rule they are breaking.” At 7:05pm you ask for an Admin and in the same minute I ask what I could do for you, but you did not respond back.

Your video does not show the multiple times that I asked you you to stop.
7:26 PM (Global) VileAce: Please let the Admin enforce rules (sent by VileAce)
7:27 PM (Global) VileAce: NAK Elite are allowed and expected to fly not in pilot role (sent by VileAce)
7:27 PM (Global) VileAce: It does not matter (sent by VileAce)
7:28 PM(Global)If you need help include Admin as part of the message, if a Admin is online, we will be happy to help you. (sent by the scheduler. Edit)
7:28 PM (Global) VileAce: Last time let admins like myself enforce the rules (sent by VileAce)

At which time G0lden entered TS to try to diffuse the situation, then he sent me a message indicating that you were continuing in TS, your video starts at the point I entered TS, you had already violated the rules multiple times. After you were banned from TS GingaNinjaNZ talked to me in the public channel and said that you told him to tell G0lden “BE ADVISED YOU WILL BE FIRED ON IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY”

You telling players what to do started at 7:19 and did not end until you were banned at 7:33 that was more than ~15 minutes of arguments and you trying to tell players what they had to do on our server.

Along with the definition of rule #2, the rules also state The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action. Continued violation of any rules may be met with a permanent ban. I would say that continuing after the multiple warnings would constitute, continued violation.

At this point the ban will remain. You may appeal again in 90 days.

I signed up to site in part to post an apology for my part in this debacle, which I have noticed has spread to your website.
Although I am grateful that you have not posted my comments on teamspeak when I was kicked from server for telling G0lden
“BE ADVISED YOU WILL BE FIRED ON IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY”, which I understand - in itself - is unacceptable on a civilized server.
I must admit I was very frustrated, and my attitude definitely did not improve the situation on Teamspeak with joseph, pat, and I.
After talking with VileAce, reading the links he provided me on server rules, and reading your site - especially pages on Nak Elite,
I now have a much better understanding of your servers, special units, and protocols in general.
I have been enjoying the gameplay, and conversations on teamspeak since then, and hope to get along with everyone a lot better in future.
I have only been playing arma for six days, and I hope to make friends on your servers, I very much enjoy flying on your Invade and Annex Altis and Malden servers.

G0lden, my sincerest apologies for my part in this.

VileAce, my gratitude for your patience and assistance.

Good Hunting and Good Health.

Thank you for the post GingaNinjaNZ. I am sorry that one of your early experience on NAK was not exactly typical. There are definitely no hard feelings. I hope that you continue to play within the NAK community and that we have a chance to play together in the future.