OUTDATED - lil videos showing off how to use various ACE equipment

First video I did. Next will be some of the other detonators… I only made a custom intro as I didnt get a chance to ask if I could use the one’s we use for tac/zeus like vile and zero did so I came up with something think it works nicely :mrgreen:


Thanks for uploading! Really useful :slight_smile:

This is a beautiful video, nice and compact!

I do have a few questions after seeing this video:

Is it possible to make the captive have the explosives (armed) in his backpack/a possible bomb-vest? So that a civilian is mobile but still punishes for getting shot?

What is the range on the dead man’s switch, and what happens when the range is exceeded (f.e. suspect is taken away)? Will it blow up the IED or simply not be triggered?

Not sure there is a armable/carryable ied for suicide bomber. think the one module for suicide bombers would prob work that better. as for range. I didnt test, easily can do that later today. there also the channel thing so think there alot more to them then most know about.

Very good video Sycholic

Awesome Vid Sycholic!

thanks was the first time I did any video work with adobe premier pro still cant figure out why the video is getting scaled the flames should be touching top and bottom of the screen.

As a Zeus you can attach the IED to the AI with the Attach To module, that way the AI can still move from a set location. You can attach the IED so that it is at ground level or even chest level.

The key to attach an object above ground level that would normally fall to the ground, is to disable simulation, attach the object and enable simulation.

For help on learning how to do this, come to the Zeus meeting May 25th at 8:00 pm EDT (https://www.naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=748) or talk to a Zeus Expert.