Optimizing troop transport

As a relative Noob to multiplayer and only a short career on Naksquad, and having acted in both air and ground roles, it quickly becomes apparent that due to the main spawning location on NE Altis, ground troops are often left waiting for long periods for transport. This seems to be due to the limited number of air transports (usually not to the number of pilots, as I sometimes can’t find an empty slot), and is exasperated by the long flight times to and from far locations.

As a ground player I have learned to just pop a quick HALO insert instead of standing around until I’m bored to death and decide to log off. It’s fun to HALO, but this also makes it apparent that if everyone resorted to HALO inserts the game balance would soon be destroyed.

This makes me wonder why the main troop spawning area wouldn’t be better located somewhere near the geographical center of the map. This would allow the limited air assets to more quickly and efficiently serve the game and reduce wait times for spawning ground players.

1 ) fps issue ( to many events when base is near the ao)
2)To solve this we need to block all mods , then we can move the base to that location

Before entering the MP arena I researched FPS issues and decided to see what vanilla servers, if any, were out there, as I saw mods as generally being detrimental to performance, especially considering how the ArmA engine relied so much on the CPU. That’s how I ended up on Naksquad.

Realizing that something must be sacrificed to see a smooth game flow for all, I would vote to reduce the eye candy for the sake of game play, since that is the primary reason for MP. But I have been around since the days of the first wire-frame flight sims and I’m old enough and experienced enough to know that the design and quality of game play trumps eye candy every time - ie. the old Red Storm Rising Submarine sim, which was almost totally devoid of eye-candy, but was stunningly engaging, even on a Commodore 64.

In this age I guess I would be ushered out of the room for saying that!

This has been discussed many times, you can search the forums to get some additional detail.

When you have the base “near” the action the FPS of the server is affected greatly do to all the players spawning into the game, the scripts that have to run, and the AI that need to be calculated in the players view distance. Remember if you have your view distance set to 2000m then everything in a 4k radius has to be calculated, placement, movement, shooting, etc…

We try not to have any AO’s near a base, On Altis we have always tried to keep the AO’s at least 2k from the bases, again mostly for performance reasons, so that is a 4k radius where you can not have any AO’s. If the base is in the middle of the map, that is a large portion of the map that can not be used for missions.

We have had different base locations on the different servers over the years. The current choice of location is a culmination of all the experience throughout the years. The primary consideration when we make any change is, how will it affect the server and client performance.

One of the main “selling” point for NAK servers is that, even though we are a vanilla server, we allow players to use a **large**selection of client side mods, and that does affect performance.