On leave - Trist's Formal "Re-Application"

Well, hello fellows and ladies alike. It’s been a while. I thought it would be the right amount of funny and childish to “re-apply”, or merely, re-introduce myself to the new and old faces of NAK. It feels almost nostalgic for me, when I was once nervous about being accepted as an admin.

A long while, a few months, not too long, but long enough for there to have been significant changes to NAK’s structure, which, to me, a person that’s been with NAK for a year and a half, is kind of really bittersweet. I see new faces, old faces, and take note sadly of faces that have moved onto better things. Nonetheless, I’d like to just take the chance to say that I’m happy to be able to “return” to the NAK scene.

I see new Logos, which are “different” but pretty snazzy. I had a “Grunge” type feel for NAK, but it seems that Ace’s taken up the reigns on visual design. Makes my heart sink a bit to know poor ol’ drinking age’d/amateur artist me’s been superseded in that aspect, but then I see the designs, and they’re pretty good, no issues there. Things must evolve with time. Good work, Ace.

My brother Claws has been patient with my own fickleness about staying around lately, and for that I thank him, extremely. It’s nice to see everyone, familiar and non alike.

- Twenty one, going on 22 in May.

  • Steam Community :: Error
  • 500+ Hours Logged On In My Nearly 2 Years Time With NAK
  • I’ve Been Notorious For Being The Company’s ‘Shy Guy’, or The Guy Often Heard Playing Music Amongst The Battlefield Or To His Passengers In His CAS Transports.
    -My Old Friend Claws
    -Be a cool person: Eyyyyyyy.
    -See My Overly Long Rant At The Top *

lol welcome back Trist. haven’t seen you in like I don’t know awhile. Good to see you back Trist :slight_smile:

Wow … he walks, he breathes, he’s … ALIVE!!!

Welcome back Trist! I saw you launch Arma the other night and I was going to msg you but I said “He’s not back probably just checking out an update or something” :laughing: :laughing: You should jump in the TS sometime.