No, I'm not naked!

Hey guys, I keep getting asked why im running naked in the game or without weapons onthe NAK public Altis server. Well, the answer is “I don’t!”

Thanks to this server allowing mods, this is what it looks like to me, but not all of you can see it:

Silent 2.4km headshots

Tank Hunter

Elite CQB Spec-Ops

These are only 3 out of 10 layouts i mainly use, if you want to see the other layouts, let me know, and i’ll post em.


Maybe we prefer to see your little ass naked ^^
We have a selection about this “problem”
right here → Show off your Loadouts (Custom/Vanilla)
It’s a good section to share our selection.
Also, it can be interesting to know what mods you using, like that if one guy is interesting he can use it, like me, I interesting about your snipe .50 “Guillied” :slight_smile: with him optic.

Oh, I’m sorry, i didn’t know you have a dedicated thread for that. I will upload some more pics there then and mention the mods that I use.

I Will also add the info you want about the .50 and the optic for you in that thread then once I post it.


Haha, I have the same problem.