No Ace?

Why isn’t ace allowed on the server? I love the mod and I would love for it to possiblely be incorporated in the servers.

ACE is “allowed” but not implemented on the server. Meaning you can use ACE if you like things like the vehicle name changes or other things like the Vector 21. But we choose not you use ACE or any other mods as server mods, which is what would be required to fully support ACE.

We choose to run our primary servers as vanilla Arma servers, meaning no mods are required to join.

We do have a couple other servers such as the NAK Zeus server where we have special events, where we run different mods every couple weeks. NAK Zeus events are posted on the home page when they happen. Lastly we have our NAK Tac group, which does use ACE and other mods for those events. Information on NAK Tac can be found here: