New I&A Server

So I was doing some thinking today about how fun it would be to have a modded invade and annex server, basically a smaller version of the ones that NAK has now. I was thinking that the modded versions can be rotated out every month or so. The ideal would be that we wouldn’t have too many, so more people could play on the server and enjoy it. For example, if we just had Unsung Vietnam and the Nam map and whatnot that is required, we could have an enjoyable invade and annex server that also allows for Vietnam and infinite possibilities. Of course, there would be some difficulties, such as the fact that it would be harder to maintain that fun standpoint if people in the “Vietnam Era” were using thermals and running around with modern weapons, so some changes to the arsenals and what not would need to be necessary if we were to implement something like this. There are some obvious downsides as well, such as the player base of NAK not having the greatest access to the server, as it requires mods. The benefits of the server would be great. This new option of switching out of different mod-packs and new maps and what not of every [Insert Timeframe Here], would allow players to have a new experience with the game on the NAK servers. This new type of modded server would allow for players that don’t have access to the DLC Apex to have the access to a new, fresh map every [Timeframe]. I just think that it would be good to have new experiences on the NAK server other than simply playing on Altis, Malden, and Tanoa. The Zeus server already is doing a great job of this, as players gain new experiences every 2 weeks, and are able to deal with a new environment, and experience rapid “deployments” and overall be able to have more fun on the server. They would be able to play in timeframes and different settings such as WW2, US-Taliban/Afghanistan conflict, Vietnam, and even possibly something highly modern such as a game with the Crysis suits (which probably won’t be implemented, due to obvious reasons). Just getting this out there so that people can understand a little idea and possibly even a concept that gets put into place. It is understandable that there would be difficulties to get something running and continue to enforce NAK rules and what not on it, but I do believe that this would a be a good opening for the NAK community to experience something different and be able to play their favorite game mode of I&A on a different theme/setting, whereas Zeus might not be their cup of tea. Anyways, please feel free to add your thoughts and opinions, as I would like to read them and understand the situation that NAK is in right now, and understand if something like this can be put into place in the near future.

Best Regards, Dean

yes but i think you should think of more downsides if we take this in.

I think its important that we should keep in mind the amount of work it would take to be updating the server on a rotation, I&A is different from Zeus and takes more time to dev due to the premade missions, asset spawning etc. I like your idea I just think you’re dreaming a little bit too big.

With Bohemia Interactive’s current monetization rules, this would not be practical. We also have a limited amount of resources (admins, coders and servers) to run the community, adding another high maintenance server would stretch us to thin. NAK Command is constantly discussing ideas for new missions/servers. We do our best to give members of the NAK Community a fun experience.