New forum look

NAK I&A Stratis

The server is still in “development”, still being fine tuned to give everyone a balanced and fun experience. This thread is going to be for players that have tips, suggestions, and report on bugs or in any unbalances that the server may bring to your attention. If you have not already and/or wish to try it out, please do, and give your feedback so that we may tune it to the players’ wants and experiences

I&A server 24/7 Stratis

I was somewhat sad to note that the old forum went away, along with all the posts. There was a wealth of information there. Any chance of a posts-merge with the new database, or is that too difficult/impossible with the new forum setup? In any case, looking forward to the forums becoming more widely used by visitors and NAK members.

I’m still trying to get used to this new format and I hope I end up liking this as much as the last, but damn. I miss the previous format.

Coming back from a long hiatus and seeing it is a bit awkward, and seeing how things are changing, my opinions are so and so. I think it’s the distinct familiarity is what drew in old faces, which attracted new faces. The format is a bit different and feels alien almost. Hopefully we all attune.

I like this a lot better. BuddyPress isn’t a true discussion board, phpBB is much better in that regard. With time I’m sure everyone will fall in love with its extended features.