New changes I noticed

So what all has been changed recently? I’ve noticed new rewards spot at airport, new uav spawn, when you place a marker on a player it shows their name and squad info, new backside to billboards, faster respawn time on some of the jets…hmmm did I miss anything?

Yep pretty amazing , thanks Ville ace [emoji482]


Along with the changes you mentioned…
Weapons test range in the Salt Flats, accessible via flag poles.
Made respawn times for all vehicle more consistent

  • Respawn times of all transport helicopters 2 min
  • Respawn times of all armed helicopters 5 min
  • Respawn Blackfish Infantry 5 min
  • Respawn Blackfish Vehicle 5 min
  • A-164 respawn (actually increased) 7.5 min
  • Neophron respawn 10 min
  • Shrikra respawn 10 min
  • Blaskwasp (Carrier) respawn 7.5 min
  • Blaskwasp Stealth (Carrier) respawn 5 min
  • All ground vehicles respawn 1 min
  • All UAV air assets 10 min (Not changed)
  • UAG Stomper 5 min (Not changed)
  • Blackfish Armed 33 min (Not changed)
  • Y-32 Xi’an 20 min (Not changed)

Added new billboard graphics (updated rules and added “ads” for other servers)
Addded billboards in the AO’s
Updated opening rules popup (updated rules; added links to allowed/restricted mods; and link to rules page on server.)
Changes all repair point graphics (made consistent)
Updated arsenal and flagpole text and colors (made consistent)
Added custom error messages when players attempt to use selected restricted mods
Added custom error messages when players click disagree on the opening rules popup

I think that’s it