Need help joining teamspeak

My TS name is bob merlyn on teamspeak. When i join teamspeak it say’s You are banned permanently. Reason: “Please change your name so that it matches your in-game name.”. Can i get some help with this/ What i need to do to fix this, becasue my ingame is the same as my ts name.

The name “TeamSpeakUser” has been banned from the TeamSpeak server and since the ban was placed, over 160 attempts to join the server under this alias have been made and prevented. Too many times we have had anonymous users join the server under this name and have failed to match their name with their in-game name, which causes problems with administering the servers.

The best way around this is to create a bookmark for our server. In TeamSpeak go to Bookmarks > Add to bookmarks. In the bookmark window enter our server address in the Server Nickname or Address, Under nickname, enter your in game name. You can change any of the other settings to you liking. Same the bookmark by clicking OK

Return to the Bookmarks menu and select the newly saved bookmark. You will then connect to our server, with the nickname selected in the bookmark. If this does not help let us know.

ok thank you.