Name Tags missing

Not sure if its just me but names of friendlies are missing when pointing at them.
Getting TKed from as close as 10m by people who either never or dont know how to check maps.
Enemy position aka the red dots are also missing in the map.

All happening after the most recent map update.

Are you in the same squad as them? If not, for me you really have to get close in order for their name to show up.

And regarding the enemies not showing up on the map, I believe this is a known issue by the admins and its currently being worked on :slight_smile:

i’m standing next to another player, pointing gun at him, no names appear.
nametags (in green) that normally appears on any player at close distance, regardless whether same squad or not.

It may be your difficulty settings. You can change them in options>game>difficulty. There’s an option that says ‘FRIENDLY NAME TAGS’. Make sure it’s not on ‘HIDE’.

Its already not set to hide.
As mentioned problem appeared only after the recent Altis map update, which is 8467kb.

No such problem on Nak Malden, and other servers. More likely a map scripting error or intended setting.

that sounds odd, are you sure they are enemies? haha, but now for real, maybe you have some UI mod or something that might be disabling this function, check. And if you find no other solution, maybe try to verify game cache; but if you are really sure its your game and not your settings

no mods, old map deleted and downloaded again when joining.
problem only on NAK Altis map.
pls go into Altis server NOW and try it yourself, before assuming it’s player’s fault.
no further comments till Admins confirmation.

Did you save your difficulty settings?

Guys lets let the admins handle it at this point. You are not the only one to report this. I am looking into the changes/difference that were released on Altis 5/5/18. The changes that I am aware of are, AI not showing on map, Friendly Name Tags not showing and Group Indicators not showing. If you have noticed any other changes please feel free to mention them here otherwise, I will respond to the topic, when I have a definitive answer.

Here is the official reply from NAK Command.

The names have been removed in order to improve players FPS. Some players computers do not run Arma well, so even slight improvements in FPS help them.

If you would like to have names show there are two mod options for you.

The first is ShackTac. This mod has many features, one of which is to show player names. ShackTac is allowed on all servers, including the Zeus server. ShackTac is configurable so under CONFIGURE>GAME>CONFIGURE ADDONS, you can change the default settings.

The second mod that I tested is called zam_showNames. This mod is specifically for showing player names, and is highly configurable. It has some very nice features worth looking into if you would like to display player names. This mod works on all NAK server except the Zeus server, where we specifically limit mods for tactical play. To configure zam_showNames go to CONFIGURE>GAME>CONFIGURE ADDONS, and select ZAM ShowNames from the Addons list. To change the default keys go to CONFIGURE>CONTROLS>CONFIGURE ADDONS, and select ZAM ShowNames.

Thanks for clarifying Vile, seemed odd at first, but I see why now.