NAKs Halo jump!?

Is there a certain script y’all use? A place to get it? I love the option of selecting height.

It is a custom script by Claws. There are many HALO related scripts available from places like Armaholic: Some examples are
=ATM= Airdrop -
JTK HALO Script -

I believe both of these example references have a height option.

Thanks. Is the script y’all use for rrspawning with full load out custom? I can’t seem to find one that even works much less keep same gear.

We use a “custom” script, but there is not much to it. It just calls a couple ARMA 3 commands getUnitLoadout and setUnitLoadout. Here are a couple pages from the BI Wiki, getUnitLoadout - Bohemia Interactive Community; getUnitLoadout - Bohemia Interactive Community; setUnitLoadout - Bohemia Interactive Community.

Hint we use setUnitLoadout in the onPlayerRespawn.sqf.