NAK Tac / Zeus User Loadouts Thread

Hello there everyone, I decided to create this forum so we call all share our share our loadouts via ACE Arsenal export.

Please leave the code given from your export down below! Id love to try some of them out.


You might want to hold off on this, until after tomorrow. The arsenal will be changing as part of tomorrows update.

Hello xBroleh,

I think this is a good idea in terms of people getting to try other loadouts that people use for NAKTAC and Zeus.

But i see a few issues with this one of them being people not knowing how to find the export code to their loadout and vice versa for uploading them to their game. So if you could find a step by step guide or even make one yourself detailed enough for people to follow it then that would be great.

The second issue that i see is for some of the people that play on the Zeus server and for some of the new people that we get they have very little to no experience with ace and how it works including the arsenal itself.

The last issue i see with this is alot of people will typically run the same loadout as other people and not know it due to the amount of weapons that we currently have on the Zeus server and NAKTAC server.

I’m not trying to put your idea down like i said in the beginning of this response because i really do think it’s a good one. As new players to NAKTAC and Zeus can see what the more experienced players use in terms of weapons and gear. I just think it will not be very beneficial right now as most of the people that play NAKTAC pretty much use similar weapons and gear and for the people that play Zeus it’s the same thing except for the camo that they may wear and even then that may be the same depending on who the Zeus is.

Hopefully you can maybe see what I’m getting at and if not then that’s perfectly fine, i just feel this is not the right time for something like this and it would be more beneficial in the future.

-2Lt Zero.

@Zero, I will be making a guide shortly, I do believe that apart from the weapons taken, the way we manage our backpacks is very important to share, due to the limited space, we can try what other people take for their different loadouts, such as more bandages, maybe granades or other equipment.

Ill try to start working on a guide that includes images so everyone can learn how to export their loadouts easily. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback

@Vile Forgot about the arsenal change, anyways nobody has posted yet, Ill try to announce it on my guide ill write later during this week about exporting arsenals.

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