NAK Tac Uniform

I’m hearing that there is an official NAK Tac Unifrom.

Can someone please list what the requirements are?

As far as I know (starting to get back into the swing of things now) we are going to have default loadouts for the various roles i.e. medic etc. The loadouts will most likely be what you spawn with with a limited arsenal to change small things. We had full loadouts already planned with RHS but we have had to move towards other mods / mod packs so tac command will have to look at it again. It shouldn’t be anything beyond the required mods of the server and we will let you know.

Hope this answers your question.

Golden is correct. The NAK Tac Basic collection on Steam had been updated to include a coupe other mods which we will be using for uniforms, backpacks, vests, helmets and weapons. A sample default loadout will be published shortly to give players an idea of what we will be using.

Standard uniforms are as follows;

Uniform: [VSM] Crye G3 (Multicam)

Plate Carrier: [VSM] Multicam LBT 6094 (Operator)
Gunners will use the gunner variant of the LBT6094.

Helmet: [VSM] MICH 2000 2 (Multicam)

Backpack: [VSM] Multicam Kitbag
Medics will use the carryall variant of the VSM Multicam Backpacks

For weapons currently we have;

Rifleman: MK 18 MOD 1 SM
Grenadiers & squad leaders will have an under-barrel M203 launcher
(Part of SMA or Specialist Military Arms)

Medic/Assistant Gunner: MK 18 MOD 1 SM
(Part of SMA or Specialist Military Arms)

Auto-rifleman: M249E2 (RIS/13.7 in.)
(Part of CUP weapons)

Machine gunner: M240 / M60E4 Railed
(Part of CUP weapons)

Designated marksmen: M110
(Part of CUP weapons)

Standard rifle optic is the ELCAN SpecterDR DFOV14-C1 RDS (part of SMA). Designated marksmen will have the Leopould Mk4 MR/T (Part of CUP weapons).

Standard side arm is the Glock 17 with flashlight
(Part of CUP weapons)

ALL Infantry will have a back up red dot/holo sight on their person as well as an EoTech AN/PEQ-15 Laser marker on their weapon.

A more detailed post will be made in the future containing specific amounts of ammunition and other miscellaneous gear items, but for now I will leave you with this if you would like to practice on the gear you will be using.


I will try to update this post with any changes in weaponry but just remember bugs or other problems can be encountered during testing that could cause us to remove a mod pack entirely, whilst being highly unlikely it is still possible to encounter setbacks and changes like we did with RHS.

Might I recommend the SpecterDRCS for standard optic instead? As far as I can tell, it’s the exact same as the SpecterDR, except you can zoom in a little further which helps with reading the range indicators.

The ELCAN SpecterDR is 4X power which is what we would like to limit infantry to. Players will easily be able to engage at 400 - 600m which is fairly realistic.

Oh, I just mean you can zoom in only a touch further when you’re in 4x mode for reading and antialiasing purposes, not enough to actually help with longer range engagements (in my opinion, anyways). It’s still effectively a 4x sight, of the DFOV14-C1 model.

It has the ability to go to effectively 8X. Images attached for comparison.

My bad, forget my suggestion.

The list above uses VSM components yet VSM is not on your basic collection. I am using VSM All-in-one. Please correct me if this is the wrong add-on. SMA is not listed either. Both are also from the workshop.

For the weapon sight, what if we used a holo with a magnifier, eliminating the need for a second sight in inventory allowing room for more supplies i.e ammo, grenades, and bandages.

@AManNamedJoker: With this scope there is not a second optic in the inventory. We would like all players to use and understand how to use the Specter reticle. There are many advantages to using the Specter including built in ranging, and increased accuracy. The specific optic we have selected has a standard red dot built in, which you change to with ctrl + right click, no need for a second scope.

Elkroc: The final list of mods is still a work in process, we created the collection for access to discovery days. Prior to the next training weekend we will post an updated version of the collection and a list of all whitelisted mods. Any mods not on the whitelist will cause your connection to be refused.

For the weapon sight why would you want a 1x holo with a magnifier for 3x holo over a weapon sight with built in 4x / 2x / 1x magnification, rangefinder and zeroing. That’s like having someone bring you 3 fresh cookies and then you pull a stale one out of your pocket and take only 1 bite of it. Also your inventories will not be filled to the max, some of you don’t even carry backpacks by default. Weight is a factor in ACE and unless you are carrying 150 lbs of gear, inventory space will not be an issue. Even if you did have a spare EoTech in your pocket it weighs 270 grams (0.59 lbs.) and takes up next to no room.