NAK Tac Mod Presets

This is for new NAK Tac players that want to install the mods and get them set up quickly.

The file im about to link, is an html preset, that once loaded into the launcher, will automatically create a preset with all of the mods loaded as well as automatically download the mods that you are missing.

NAK Tac 2019 Required Mods.rar (1.49 KB)

Importing these presets is really simple, here are some simple steps to how to:

  1. Download the preset
    2.Open up your Arma 3 Launcher
    3.Go into the “Mods” tab, and click on the arrow at the presets list on the top right
    4.Simply press the “Import” button at the very bottom

(if you have no other presets made, none should show up, such as my other presets that appear)
5.File browser will pop up, simply look for the HTML file preset you downloaded, and select “Open”
6.You should be good to go! Mods should automatically start downloading and a new preset should be created, simply press “Save” to save it.

Additionally, NAK Tac also has a list of additional mods that can be loaded and be played with, you can add any of the mods you want to from the NAK Tac Additional mods collection found here: Steam Workshop::NAK Tac 2019 - Optional

If you wish to add any other mod from the additional collection, you just need to download them from the Additional NAK Tac Mods collection and manually load them into your preset

NOTE: No other mods than the ones included in the NAK Basic and Optional collection are allowed into the NAK Tac server, If you try to join with any other, you will get a script restriction.

If anyone needs further help, leave a comment or contact an admin.

Have fun! ~ xBroleh

Updated as of 7/10/2018

-VSM removed from both presets.

Message from VileAce:

VSM has been officially removed from Steam Workshop, therefor is had been removed from the NAK Tac/Zeus Basic collection. To replace the “missing” items I will be adding the many more of the Massic uniforms, vests and backpacks to the default limited arsenal. I will be following Community Factions Project to replace both VSM and Massi once it is a little more mature.

If you have VSM all in one from a source other than Steam, you should not be loading it for and NAK Tac/Zeus missions.

Updated as of 1/4/2019

-Preset redone with all the new mods from the 2019 NAK Tac Required Mod collection

Thanks a lot xBroleh!
saved my like 20min just now

Thanks Volcano! Thats the main reason I made it, it’s a pain to go through every single one, one by one checking you didn’t slip any other mod in accidentaly.

Glad it helped you and hope it also helps others :slight_smile: