NAK Tac Event Details - Jan 20th 5 pm ET

For this event we will be using the Zeus server - The IP and password have been included in the NAK Tac Steam Group.

Overview of the mission
Mission Name: Operation Hermes

**Situation:**The AAF (Altis Armed Forces) recently lost control of the communication center, military base and airport in the north east of Malden to CSAT forces. The Scimitar Regiment of CSAT are using this foothold on Malden to control the Les Sables Bay and encroaching on Saint Louis. If left unhindered CSAT forces will be able to take Malden within weeks. Reports from civilians in the area, that have not been able to evacuate, indicate CSAT patrols throughout the area.

**Mission:**The NAK Tactical forces are tasked with recapturing a critically important strategic location on Malden. The area was recently captured by CSAT forces when they overwhelmed the AAF platoon that was controlling the area. The AAF units that were able to escape have provided information to NATO command on CSAT troop placement and strength. With control of this area CSAT has the foothold necessary to overwhelm the remaining defensive forces on Malden.

The area will not be easy to recapture. CSAT has used the large airport that they now control to bring in the resources and personnel needed to activate the communication antennas array and active radar systems at the communication center. While CSAT controls the communication center, CAS is impractical and the risk of reinforcements is high. Satellite imagery and reports from fleeing AAF units estimate a full Company has already been deployed in the area and more are expected soon. Squads of CSAT Special Forces (Vipers) have been seen as far as Saint Louis and Larche as well as patrolling the bay of Les Sables. Recapture the communication center, military bases and airport. Minimize damage to the facilities as they are critically important to the ongoing mission in the Area. Most civilians has evacuated the area, but not all. Make sure to identify targets, civilian casualties are not acceptable.

We did not have enough players on Tuesday to run this event, so we will be running it this Saturday January 20th 5pm Eastern Time. We will again be using the Zeus server for the event.