Nak Squad Top Gun Flight Academy


Flight School for experienced and inexperienced Nak Server pilots

Different days will be focused on certain aircraft, example: helicopters, jets, vtol, UAV. We will eventually be practicing the role you want at the same time working on supporting each other.

Classes will focus on different aspects of flying from the basics up to advanced maneuvers and techniques. We will go over everything you will need to know to be a successful transport pilot, CAS pilot, and CAP. From basics like hot landing zones and first person landings to more advanced stuff like carrier landings and auto rotation. We will also go over how to pick a safe landing zones near new objectives.

We will have experienced pilots that will be able to fly with you and walk you through vtol landings in the Blackfish and Xi-An, how to orbit the blackfish for optimal gunner coverage, clearing landing zones and providing ground support in the Xi-An.

Later classes will include providing CAS in the jet support role, how to easily identify targets from friendlies, how to avoid anti air, how to self laser the easy way, how to flare the right way, how to dog fight, firing dumb fire rockets accurately, dynamic loadouts, weapon systems, formation flying, and areas of patrol.

We will go over communication protocols, team work, and how to support your fellow pilots.
Courses will be based on pilot experience and individual attention and guidance will be given to each pilot.
We will be offering several air scenarios to test what you have learnt. By the end you will be expected to be able to fly our obstacle course that will include a route through the mountains were you have to stay bellow enemy anti air units to safely deliver your troops. Will you have the skill to make it?

This is going to be a serious learning experience and give all of us pilots a chance to hone our skills. Any screwing around will not be tolerated. We want to welcome any pilot who would like to work on their flying skills whether you are new and just would like to be a better pilot to the veteran pilot who just wants to practice differentiating groups of friendlies from enemy groups in the AO. As much as this will be a learning experience it will also be a ton of fun. At the end of each class I plan on doing something fun as long as somebody isn’t waiting for the Zues server. So don’t be surprised if your are dog fighting your wingmate at the end of class for a true challenge.

If you are interested please send me a private message and spread the word. We are only going to do this if we have enough people interested. I highly recommend if you would like to pilot but scared of being accused of wasting resources or worried you will crash with a full load of troops that you come and learn in a non toxic environment where you will not have to wait for a jet to respawn or worry about someone taking the aircraft you would like to fly. I also recommend even if you are a veteran you come and join us. I would love for some of you to come help with this. If you enjoy flying these classes will still be fun and challenging for all levels of skill. If you would like to help as an instructor let me know by message on here. Once we know about how many people are interested we will start scheduling. Lorenzo has already said he will be helping.

If you message me please let me know what you need to practice and what you need help with. Also let me know what you would like to get out of training and what you would like to see. Also veterans let me know what aircraft you excel at.

Hope to see you all in Nak Squad Top Gun Flight Academy!

This is a very good start and would benefit a lot of players alike both serious and casual. Hope to see this realized.


Very very good. I think this is a wonderful idea. I do need to work on Carrier landings and would like to learn some of the terminology. We just need to execute this idea in a careful and planned manner. I think this can be a great success!

Someone whip out Too Tall because this would be amazingly helpful, i’d love to see this be a thing.

Ok guys temporary schedule for flight school will be on Wednesday’s 8pm eastern standard time. If anyone has issues with that time let me know and we can change it to suit the majority.

We can also add a second day to the weekly class if need be.

I will add a class on the weekend in case people can’t make the mid week class.

ok first class set for Sunday 3pm and second class Wednesday 8pm always est. if you are a member of the NAK ZUES steam group you will be able to see all scheduled classes and the time in your zone. You will also get notifications. Times may change based on participants availability. Classes will run 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Wow! Very interesting. Sounds like a great way to help hone those flight skills. :sunglasses:

Wednesday we will be working on hot infill, aa avoidance, landing troops on building roofs, night landings, and heli formation flying with cas support. We will also finish the night with a fun scenario mission. The Zues server should be running fine now so it should be a good time.

Ordinance and radar info to be familiar with when flying.

AA Missile:

AMRAAM : Radar Active Homing (RAH)
R77 Adder: RAH
Zephyr: RAH
BIM-9X: IR guidance
R73 Archer : IR guidance
Falchion 22 : IR guidance
Sahr 3: IR guidance
ASRAAM : IR guidance

AG Missile:

Macer: IR guidance only
Sharur : IR guidance only
KH 25 Kedge: IR guidance only
Scalpel : IR and Laser guidance
DAGR : IR and Laser guidance
DAR : Dumb fire
Shrieker : Dumb fire
Tratnyr : Dumb fire
DAR: Dumb fire (but burst mode)


LOM-250G (KAB-250): Laser guided bomb
GBU-12 : Laser guided bomb
Mk82 : Dumb Bomb

Radar Info:

Next class we will be using the NAKTAC mods and using one of the new maps being added. I’m not going to plan what we are doing we will decide when we see how many people are there. I won’t be doing a weekend class this week but I’ll try and set something up for Monday afternoon or evening. Make sure if you want to participate you have all the mods in the NAKTAC basic list.

Vile has informed me that some things are different when flying with ACE so we will have check out all aircraft including some of the new aircraft available to us. This is what we will be doing Monday April 1st along with a few other training excercises. I will post the time and schedule it this weekend. If anybody has a time request that works best for them try and let me know before Saturday night.

Monday 3pm est we will training with some new aircraft and have a escort mission where you will have to escort an airbus with a VIP to a secure location then transport them by helicopter to a FOB.

Sorry I missed it I was flat in bed due to illness. Will try to make the next one.

Hey everyone, I made a post on how to rearm, refuel, and repair your aircraft when using ACE. Make sure you know this if you plan on flying in Zeus or NAKTAC.

Next class added to steam schedule. Sunday April 29th, 6pm eastern. Feel free to stop by and work on your flying skillzzzzz.