NAK Squad Patches

Hello everyone. I was bored this morning, and remembered that a player on NAK asked me if i could share my Squad Patch that shows up on your shoulder and vehicles inside the game.

So I thought i’d just make some random patches that anyone of you can take and use.

NOTE: I am not an official team member of NAK, so all these are not official NAK Patches and are intended for the PUBLIC server!

If the NAK server is willing to take care of adding players for these, please do, if not any one of you can do this yourself for free at:

Anyways, these images are edited from various sources, so non of them are 100% real-life patches. I have tried to fictionalize them to avoid political issues.

These are mainly thumbs, to get them in full size (size is already compabtible for arma squad patches) you can view the enitre library here:

Have fun with these.

If you have these patches on, it’s also a very nice way to advertise the NAK server if you play on other servers, thus helping this community to attract new players.

To NAK Officials: If you want me to create specific custom official patches for you, let me know.