NAK Server(s) - Suggestion / Splash Screen with Rules

In regards to the Pilot spots / both Fixed and Rotary & UAV (and this could apply to the server as a whole also)

I’ve seen it done in other servers where a splash screen or information screen pops up after you join and has a delay, maybe 10-15 seconds before you can be active in the server (and it doesnt allow you to skip it or click past it)

Is it possible to add such a screen for those spots specifically, as a “warning, these are the rules for this position”, in order 1. Must be on TS (with Nak server address), 2. Do not waste resources, 3. Do not abuse CAS role…etc etc. etc. I believe this will eliminate any counter argument from the member in that spot with an Admin or NAK official who imposed punishement or some other form of corrective action. When you load in, the comment about “Pilots must be on TS” scrolls by in the chat log fairly fast, if someone isnt paying attention while the game is loading, and from what I noticed on the Malden Map, the rule for pilots being on TS is no where on the side info. I could be mistaken

My situation as an example is this -

Last night, around 11:30-12 pm (Central) I was on Malden - it was around 20-30 logged on, with about 7-8 people in pilot positions. All but 3 were on Teamspeak. I attempted a few times on my own to ask them to get on Teamspeak, per server rules. A couple were in fact on TS, just in the wrong channel. Fixed. The next couple refused or ignored me, either by my messages or by talking to them directly when I was standing in front of them on the Carrier. One member out right refused to get on TS since he stated he was on Discord with a group and didn’t feel obligated to do it and scoffed at me thinking I was full of shit. Those who were not on TS appeared to be wasting assets or creating their own locked teams on the server, so I couldn’t communicate directly. I did attempt to contact an Admin at least 2 different occasions in game. I looked at TS, and realized, it was probably that time of the night where everyone was away or sleeping.

If I was an admin, or at the very least, another admin was able to jump on - the member could have been given 3 choices with a limited time to choose. 1. get on TS to communicate 2. get out of the Pilot position 3. if you dont pick one of those options, you are done - there would be no way the member could argue it because his notice was plastered all over his screen in the loading area for 10-15 seconds (thats if the splash screen was in place) - but as we all know, NAK server has people who come and go and disregard that there may be rules, period.

Thats just my take on it - I would like to hear a second and third opinion on this matter.

WIP will be done soon , just been busy

Awesome sauce

Not being an Admin you may not be aware of all the complications that surround this single issue, pilots not on TeamSpeak. If I had to guess, about 50% of any Admins time is spent dealing with this one rule. It is very time consuming and makes it difficult to play and administer at the same time. I am going to provide some insight into what it takes to manage this one rule on the server, as well as respond to a couple of your comments.

First, I agree that the pop up message with the rules that Claws is working on will help. It will mostly help the new players, so they do not have to find the rules. But it is just one more place, for those that do not care, to ignore the rules. We post the rules all over the place, on the map, on the billboards, on the role selection screen while you are choosing the pilot slot, every 10 minutes we send a global message that states all pilots must be in TS, and on our website. Having a pop up with the rules will not change how we enforce the rule.

Role Selection.jpg
Second there is always going to be times when no Admins are on. We do have some very dedicated Admins, but real life tends to get in the way. From the statistics that I have been capturing NAK Squad has an active Admin on 87% of the time. That is way above the average of 43%* for most MP Arma servers (*according to If the issue warrants it, we have a process in place for player to file a misconduct report against another player.

Having a pop up display the rules will not prevent players arguing. In your example at least one individual knew the rules, he just chose not to follow them. From an Admin stand point there is no argument. I do not mean to be crass but, our server our rules. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

We have created a policy to handle pilots that are not in TeamSpeak. All Admins handle rule #11 violations in a very similar manner. Hopefully this will give you and other NAK Squad members some insight into what it takes to enforce this rule on our servers.

The biggest issue with enforcing this rule is the Admin has to be in game. There is no way for an Admin to know which players are in which roles outside of the game. The steps below are the guidelines for enforcing rule #11, except where noted.

  1. Log into the server and find which players are in the pilot roles. (I often take a screen capture of the role selection screen and place it next to TeamSpeak on my second monitor.)
  2. Compare the pilots to the users in TeamSpeak, when names do not match trace by IP.
    After identifying a pilot not in TeamSpeak
  3. I personally try to go into the TeamSpeak channel and ask if any of the offending players are there. (This is not required by our policy but I do it to make sure I did not miss the name or that they are not using a different name.)
  4. Send the private messages warning the player to join TeamSpeak: “All pilot, UAV and ATC roles are required to be on TeamSpeak. - - Please join TeamSpeak or change player roles.” .
  5. Observe to see if the player has left the role or joined TS, if not 2 -3 minutes after previous message send second message: “Last warning !!! Either join TeamSpeak or change your role now. Send a message in game chat if you are in the process of joining TS. Your TeamSpeak nickname must match your in-game name.”.
  6. Observe to see if the player has left the role or joined TS, if not kick with message: “All pilot, UAV and ATC roles are required to be on TeamSpeak. -

1b. If player returns try to identify players nationality. Send first massage in native language via Google translate, if necessary.
2b. Observe, send second massage in native language, if necessary.
3b. Observe, ban for 1 hour.

This process up to step 6, takes about 8 minutes. It does not sound like much but, it is difficult to play during this time and the process is repeated over and over. After every AO I generally abort out of the game to get to the role selection screen and check for pilots not in TS. If another server has a pilot not in TS, then I would need to leave the server I was on and log into that server to start the process again. At times when players mention the pilots are not in TeamSpeak, if an Admin does not take action, it is not that we are ignoring the request, it may not be possible to login and resolve the situation at that time.

The pilot in TS rule is a majority of the admin work I do. It does get frustrating, but just one of those things. A splash screen would be nice maybe we can change the rule to kick, 1 hour ban, 3 day ban after a splash screen implemented since that would be a warning and couldn’t be agrued not seeing it like on the sign.

Thanks for the feedback Vile - I understand there is a process - and being a frequent gamer on multiple games over the past 10 years of mil-sims and custom servers… sometimes even the most obvious of giant in game signs elude me. Load, run to Armory, load up, spawn in to kill kill kill. LoL