NAK I&A Altis Server Feedback - Vehicle Placement

I have a suggestion for rotary wing placements and stock on the carrier and on the airfield. Green NATO vehicles on the carrier, independent, OPFOR and, extra NATO at the airfield. List of vehicles for the carrier: 2x Ghosthawk (green), 1 Armed Huron, 1 Blackfoot, 1 Hummingbird, 1 Pawnee, 1 UCAV, 1 Grayhawk and, 1 Falcon. List of vehicles At rotary: 1 Transport taru, 1 orca, 1 Hellcat, 1 Mohawk, 1 Ghosthawk (black), 1 Blackfish infantry, 1 Xian infantry and, 1 Kajman. The armed blackfish could be by fixed along with a possible vehicle transport.

Some players in the teamspeak have been requesting certain vehicles that currently do not spawn on the server like the Kajman, Gryphon and Taru. Another thing I have noticed in my time playing with the carrier is that the hummingbird/pawnees’s do not agree with respawning on the weapons decks. Here are some screenshots of what I put together in the editor this morning followed by a few explanations.

X865 has suggested a load-out for the gryphon that would make it more useful at all times that includes 2 GBU’s, 2 Short range AA and 2 Medium range AA.
(I added a 3rd hangar since there was room however, it is not needed since it may affect server performance.)

For the Kajman I suggest giving 2 Sahr-3’s IR guided AA missiles alongside rocket pods to prevent having 2 attack helicopters un-balancing the CAS

I moved the 3rd ghost hawk to the carrier and changed it to vanilla in hopes that more pilots will be able to access it, I also moved the un-armed orca and hellcat to rotary since they are used less and also to free up space for the pawnee, hummingbird and blackfoot to have room for spawning on the flight deck as opposed to the weapons decks.

all the vehicles on the carrier and the A-164 will always spawn after a server start, but at rotary HQ and the two/three other hangars are randomised after every server restart.