NAK I&A Altis Server Feedback - Tactical Ping

10-4 brother , just keep me update

Some of us had an issue today where tactical pings were not showing up on the map. I’m not sure if it’s server side or if the new dlc messed something up.

Did u select tactical ping inside difficulty

I didn’t change any settings. I should have also said the tactical was showing up in first-person view, just not on the map. I think it was Joint Tactical Panda that was having the same issue.

I have seen some reports of this being a DLC caused issue. Will do more research and get back to you.

Thanks brother


Ok so so far the issues caused by the DLC include no tactical ping on the map and the right and left panels correctly. The issues have been reported and marked as “bugs”. To fix the left and right panels I was able to go into CONFIGURE>GAME>LAYOUT and reselect Arma 3 (Default)

Resetting the layout fixed my panels as well. Thanks for the suggestion. I thought that was an issue with my computer.

As for the tactical ping, they added new difficulty settings that allow you to enable/disable tactical ping for the map and scene separately ( So, maybe it’s a matter of updating the server difficulty settings?

By default for the regular difficulty settings, which all of our servers use, mapContentPing and tacticalPing which should display the ping on screen and on map are both enabled. Claws can double check the the server.ArmA3Profile for the invade and annex servers has not been changed, but I do not think they have.

Thanks brother I am going check that

According to BI - Added: Difficulty options to enable / disable Tactical Ping separately in the map and scene

The default setting for regular difficulty is supposed to show tactical pings on the map but it was not working so on the Zeus server I changed the difficulty to add , mapContentPing =1 and tacticalPing =1 and still no tactical ping on the map. The tactical ping does show in first and third person as well as to members of the group, but it still does not show on the map.

I will message BI and see what they say.