NAK I&A Altis Server Feedback- Split Vortex and Transport

We have split fixed (Vortex) and rotary (transport) as of a couple days ago. We will continue to monitor the situation and see how it works out.

nice!!!, haven’t been on since fri, ill have to check it out!

Just reporting back after putting a few hours in since the server updated pilot spots, and even though it can be hectic in teamspeak, that (in my opinion) it is doing well, it is still balanced, tho we need to remind heli pilots that they can run the blackfoot cas also if transport pilots seem to be a bit cowded and not much players to trans…
I’m seeing more new pilots (2 last night on altis) which is great for the the server overall!!!

is there in the works to add crates pilots can either air drop via vehicle trans or under belly lift? the trick would be getting them to despawn appropriately I guess.