NAK I&A Altis Server Feedback - Script Restriction #2

Hello, everyone!

With the recent changes to Altis, I’ve recently encountered what seems to be a bug that others on TS have confirmed recently occurring. VileAce was on TS the other day when we spoke about it, but I thought I would mention it in here so that there’s a record. The issue is that when piloting an aircraft and slingloading a vehicle using the server’s slingload mod the server kicks out the player piloting the helicopter as soon as the towed vehicle touches the ground or the load is released. This has happened to me while piloting the Ghost Hawk and Mohawk. Another player mentioned it happened while piloting the Orca. It also doesn’t seem to be restricted to a certain object being slingloaded as it has occurred while carrying a Slammer, a HEMTT, and while carrying a Panther. The kick message displayed says something about Public Variable #2. Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot or video for reference. On the other hand, the reason for lack of evidence is that it hasn’t happened since speaking to VileAce, so it may have been fixed.

On another note, I would greatly appreciate if NAK would consider changing the Infantry Transport Blackfish to the Vehicle Transport Blackfish. As it stands, there is an abundance of aircraft on the server for carrying troops and this leaves those of us in the Blackfish primarily carrying a couple of soldiers. The Blackfish can’t land as quickly and is much more exposed in the AO, so given the choice of multiple aircraft for transport, it makes sense to choose the smaller and more nimble options.

Blackish sound good .
About the sling load, which one are you using, the arma 3 one ( vanilla) or the one I added or (mod) . Thanks

It happens when using the mod. I played again last night and didn’t have an issue on multiple slings, so it may have been corrected.

We have tried to reproduce the Slingload issue Claws and we were not able to do so. Fox, Yogi and I tried various helicopters and various vehicles.

I reported the same Public Variable #2 kick about a month ago but that user was getting kicked when repairing a vehicle while the engine was on. You and I tested that and were not able to reproduce.

I will try to find user that this happens to and ask them to unload all mods and try again. My guess is that it is a combination of a mod and the various actions.

Kohbo if you are on TeamSpeak, poke me if you have a few minutes to do some testing.

Wilco. I didn’t see this message until after playing today, but two more people had it happen to them:

JointTacticalPanda while lifting a HEMTT in a Blackfish and Anrus while lifting a Slammer in a Ghost Hawk.

Ok Claws, I was able to reproduce the Public Variable Restriction #2. To reproduce I did not have any mods loaded, and I used the Ghost Hawk to lift a slammer. At least one player needs to be in the slammer when it is dropped to get kicked. Let me know if you need help to reproduce while logging.