NAK I&A Altis Server Feedback Report

There appears to be a bug on the customize loadouts for Nephron. The left most of the 4x GBU/Bomb pylons can only hold the AA/AG/HE missiles.

I think gbu can only fit at the middle if i remember properly

For the custom loadout we are enforcing the limitations created by Arma. For example if a vehicle does not allow the GBU in a specific pylon position we are enforcing that as well. So at times depending on the vehicle, certain pylons will not be able to be loaded into certain positions, each vehicle is different.

I’ve noticed that the Wipeout doesn’t have any bomb options for one of the center hardpoints (right most when looking at the nose towards the tail, 7th position from the top in the dynamic loadout menu). I didn’t know if Claws was aware, so I figured I’d post it in here.

I have noticed that reward planes don’t have an option for dynamic custom loadout. This is most likely caused by it not being a permanent respawning vehicle? Either way I thought I might suggest if it’s even possible that custom loadout be made available on our reward vehicles.

ok i don’t really understand what is missing but i just checked all pylon and i can confirm everything work fine

indeed reward planes doesn’t come with dynamic , for this to happen will take me some time to write script that can update vehicle within 0.5 second before object spawn . cross you finga