NAK I&A Altis Server Feedback - Repelling

I agree with what golden said. I am not the only pilot that shows frustration when you have a helo full of 10+ people and fly 10km to an lz only to have the helicopter exploded upon landing due to someone being impatient and trying to rappel.

Something needs to be done with the rappelling system as it is a very easy way for people to troll/ TK undetected.

I only had that issue with a player once with repelling… yet… and I pretty much only fly. I have been on servers that make it so the pilot is the only one that can “repel crew” as a scroll wheel option then pilot would need to communicate with the troops so they are aware. which this would also alleviate trying to get rid of a player TKing from your side guns too. just rapel his butt out LMAO.

which leads me to a question; is it possible to have dedicated fixed wing and rotary wing pilot spots?

I love how balanced the server is at the moment, and dont know if that would change it and make it too easy having say 3 fixed wing 5 rotary? would be allot of assets in the air. whats your guys’ thoughts?