NAK I&A Altis Server Feedback - Orca issues

Hey there,

The orca at the main airfield started out spawned sideways and damaged. I shot it a few times to see if it would fix itself (arma physics, sometimes it’ll right a vehicle) but it didnt. I hopped in the copilot seat since thats all i could get into and it moved into the air. Once i started it it dropped back down and I managed to get it up.

For the rest of the game it has spawned in blown up every single time. It look like it is spawning left and sideways and possibly higher of where it should be when you look at it from the nose of the helicopter.

So some more news with the orca spawning wrong on Altis. Even a reward orca at AOFL rewards is spawning sideways and damaged so it looks like it is all of them. They all spawn tilting left if you look at the nose. The one at main airfield spawns in damaged and on the side in position and at about ground level but all subsequent orca spawns will blow up.