NAK I&A Altis Server Feedback - Jet Spawns

Not sure if you know about this yet, but enemy jets do have a tendency to spawn in and do a death spiral into the ground. It seems random but a good number of enemy jets crash themselves right after they spawn. Buzzards are the most prone to it.

That’s very strange , because enemy cas spawn outside the map ( inside the void ).

Yeah I’ll see them pop up at a high altitude and lock on. As I’m approaching it looks like they’re going straight down and when I get closer they are kind of freaking out in a death spiral. Just a lot of random movements while going down.

A gryphon spawned at pelfkas bay in the NE side of altis and went straight down into the water immediately after spawning. Around 212-204. Hopefully this might help

Got an example. I’m really not able to get good visuals on these jets spawning in bc I’m never that close to their spawns. I noticed him a little late but it seems like the moment he spawned he was going down. Never seems to be any damage to them, just bad flying or spawning at a wrong angle maybe.

thanks brother .
i updated the script , so please let me know if that happen again

Hey man, awesome work. Almost all the jets are doing better and it’s nice to be able to actually fight the enemy instead of them killing themselves.

The buzzards still seem prone to this issue. Once again I have a video for you but I got nice and close on these this time.