NAK I&A Altis Server Feedback - Custom Loadouts

I just checked, and it’s definitely not working. Here’s a picture of the specific hardpoint I’m talking about.

It’s working perfect use alt to see the pylon while switching

Very cool.

It’s still not working. And I’ve heard other people say the same thing: that they can’t load a bomb on the bottom hardpoint of the inner four hardpoints (when looking at them from the dynamic loadout screen). I’m attaching another two photos that show there are no bombs that you can put on them in the dynamic loadout.

Both pics have the scroll bar at the top of the weapon options, but look at the size of them and how they differ. The bombs aren’t there! The only way to have a bomb on that hardpoint is to not change it from the spawn-in loadout.

It’s the same story with the Neophron as well. Same exact pylon won’t list bombs as an option.

Make sure to see my note from Sept 16th - “For the custom loadout we are enforcing the limitations created by Arma. For example if a vehicle does not allow the GBU in a specific pylon position we are enforcing that as well.” Is what you are reporting an Arma limitation.