NAK #5

I suggest changing this server from TvT to insurgency (

Insurgency has no prerequisites as far as mods go for players and provides a different take on securing the entire island from hostiles. Instead of fighting in the traditional Invade & Annex areas of operations, the entire map is under hostile control to begin with and must be retaken. The way you know if enemies are in an area is by map grid squares either being shaded red for enemies present or, green for area clear. By default red squares are a lightly shaded red until you are within a certain distance from them at which point they turn a deeper shade of red indicating enemies have spawned and the zone is hot.

There are a few features that should arguably be removed to begin with as they probably wouldn’t turn out the best on a public server like player called AI CAS strikes and player activated server side base construction scripts from certain roles. I image at first balancing will be off but that can be fixed with time

I personally think a small amount of change from the tried and true Invade & Annex would be beneficial for players to maybe try something new that can be enjoyed by as little as 1 person (TvT isnt exactly the best with low population and its kinda hard to fill in the first place) and also as many players as the server can hold. Insurgency can also be used as a beneficial training mode for members of NAK Tac in a public setting or just as a way to work together in a more linear fashion.

Lastly one thing that will never happen to you playing the insurgency mode that happens all to frequently in TvT is getting shot by a gun that has no report whatsoever because you dont use the same mods as the guy on the hill spamming his .50cal with no recoil into the town wearing a stealth suit, while a Wipeout does repeated strafing runs on the town, uncontested, killing you during the brief period you arnt being murdered by the invisible guy on the hill. PvP isnt good with mods, especially if the mods are unrestricted for the most part. This is why on the zeus server when a pvp mission is taking place experienced zeus will employ a restricted arsenal limited to vanilla weapons and armor only.


Interesting idea. I imagine (unless there’s some way to install a premade version) that it would be a lot of work for the admins but if it was straightforward and people would play on it I think it would be cool.

Agreed. Would be more popular/successful.

I think insurgency will provide a lot more cooperative play than you see on the Invade and Annex servers. I’ve been on insurgency servers before where everyone is working together, moving in convoys and looking out for each other. And I’ve rarely seen anyone on the TvT server.

+1 from me