NAK #2 Malden CAS plane petition

I want to petition for a “proper” CAS plane like the Nephron or the Wipeout for Malden.

This is purely on a loadout and targeting standpoint, where the Gryphon is just sub–par compared to the other two.
The Gryphon can only hold 2x GBUs + 4x Macers, or straight up 8x Macers with a horrifyingly bad front only targeting camera.

The Nephron and Wipeout has much more variety of weapons such as missile pods, and more free dynamic loadout selection. (ie not restricted to use half of a preset loadout to get GBUs).

Macers are fine and all, but the majority of ground vehicles are invisible to IR as they are either stealth, or their engines are just not on for the entire duration of the mission. The Gryphon is essentially only able to take out the Tigris around an AO, with the cannon available for the other targets.

Being able to stay in the air for a longer time and being able to hit every target is a very desirable thing to have for a pilot.

In my opinion, the Gryphon’s strongest point is its maneuverability and its potential effectiveness in dogfighting.
However, since enemy jets in the NAK servers have nearly unlimited flares, the only way to effectively take down a jet is from head-on.

So please, Nephron or Wipeout pl0x.

Edit: It appears Malden was updated so that no more Tigris spawns for new AOs, with only 2-3 “invisible to IR” vehicles for every AO.
Basically now the Gryphon’s Macers are essentially useless, and can only do gun runs or drop 2x GBUs (black wasp stealth wannabe?)