NAK #1 Adding Neophron and Buzzard back.

As a pilot that doesn’t have the new jet DLC, it’s a rare case that I get to fly jets since I can only use the A-10. I will get the jet DLC at some point, but I still enjoy flying the Neophron. Should I expect to see the planes not currently on the map added to it any time soon?

+1 for neophron, as much as you enjoy flying it, I feel the same. I really don’t care for buzzard.
I still wonder though, how dynamic loadout works for players in servers, and not in editor mode.
There was so much hype about it by BI Studio.

I agree, I don’t really like the buzzard, but I’d rather fly in it than just be waiting on the ground. Maybe a possible alternative could be two A-10s?

There is only one jet for those that do not own the jet DLC, so I suggest having 1 CAS and 1 AA for jets that don’t require the DLC and for those that do. Right now, the only jets that are AA require the jet DLC. My reply doesn’t support the topic of adding a Neophron since the jets that require and don’t require the DLC will be unbalanced.

There are 2 variants of Black Wasp and Shikra - Stealth and CAS
At the moment the server has 2 stealth Jets - We can keep either one of it. Like how we had it previously i.e Buzzard AA
So in short:
1 Wipeout
1 Shikra/Black Wasp
1 Neophron/ Gryphon

The reason these new jets were put in and only the A-10 was left their is because (two reasons). First we would like the NAK community to have a chance to fly and test them out on our servers and the second is so we can test and see what impacts these new jets have, so that we can say which one stays and goes.

Thank you for your feed back. At this time we are going to leave the Jets as is. Once the “newness” of the JETS DLC wares off, we will reevaluate which planes are used on the server. Please continue to leave feedback as we do take it into account.


sounds like plan… Good thought. BI studio needs to fix a lot of bug, before its stable.