Hey guys!
Love the server I mostly only play the Atlis Annex server,
anyways I am having huge issues with using the 3CB 60mm Mortar, my question is there wind on the Invade and Annex #1 server?
According to the range table and this formula I use I should hit targets dead on including the elevation of myself and target:

Mills Base:

–Multiplier use: Multiplier*(D ELEV PER 100 M)–
–Example; Height difference is: 125 = 1.25*(D ELEV PER 100 M)–
Height Difference/Multiplier:
Solution Adjustment:

–Subtract solution adjustment from the base when the target is above, add when the target is below.–
Mills Firing:

However, I miss by at least 50M or more using this formula. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue or if there is wind or if there is something wrong with my formula. The point of it is to account for elevation difference in the landscape and I find my height difference using the standard map as it has the height under the coordinates.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I would be glad to hear and test them out, especially if the server has wind and if it does is it static wind? If so what is the speed/direction? I would love to get back to Motoring I am just tired of guessing and I want to be accurate on the server. Thanks, guys.

tbh since we talking a mod that isnt part of the server… its the mods fault. I use the FSG slot by visual and also arty computer I have no issues with accuracy with rounds landing beyond the drift marker ring. and there plenty of charts out there that have ranges made up. should look if that mod has one.

First make sure that you are not using a modded mortar. Many of the mods do not keep up with changes to core Arma. With the release of the Tanks DLC, Arma underwent many changes to the Fire Control Systems and missile flight profiles, I do not know if it had an effect on mortars specifically, but 3CB has not been updated since Sep 2017. I do know that the ACE mortar system was updated after the Tanks DLC.

Second often range tables are based on mods such as ACE or in your case 3CB and to take full advantage of those type of mods requires that the server is also running them, on the Invade and Annex servers we have no server side mods.

Wind is random based on the weather (overcast) at the time, we do not use any extreme weather conditions or any weather mods, such as real time weather nor do we hard code the weather.

Hope that helps.

That helps a lot thank you. Good info too know.