Modified - superstijntje - Banned (rule nr #4) (banAppeal)

so I was on your server and I did all this weird shit, like screaming in the microphone, grieving and harrasment. I was not a reasonable person back then. but I would like to change myself because this server is also more fun for me in arma 3.

After this message I will read the rules to not make the same mistake again.
please forgive me.

and im sorry.

hope to come back.

(banned: 12/28/2017 You were kicked of the game.(BttlEye: Admin kick (Rule #4 griefing / harassment. Banned for Perm. - expires perm, per)) (not sure if that is correct)

(steam: Steam Community :: Error)

(steam64ID: 76561198253873810 )

The admin that banned you was Fox. Only he can discuss what happend with you.

If i see him on i will ask him to view your post.

yep well i hope you know that screaming in players ears when they are trying to speak can get very annoying. I’m going to remove the ban.
So please don’t do it again.

Oh thank you So much!