Modified - sineP - My ban appeal

In game name: sineP

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Ban message: "You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick (Unknown OP Mod. Entered by LBJ.))

I am not sure why I was kicked the mod I had made my backpack invisible because I thought my outfit would look better without one but this mod did not let me carry an unnecessary amount of supplies.

Seems like its not a ban, but a kick? Which means that when you were to deselect your mod, you should be able to get in again.

You were banned,. not just kicked, but I’m going to let LBJ the admin that entered the ban respond…

02/14/2018 8:12 PM - Unknown OP MOD. Entered by LBJ.

Sorry I have been away for over a week and just got in last night. Nonetheless, here’s my take on the matter:

I have reason to believe this player is using unauthorized equipment (ie extremely high capacity backpack). By doing so, player cleaned out my entire backpack containing 10 AT Rockets and 20 Mags while still holding what ever is in his/her own backpack. His friend “Tulla” is an accomplice. After cleaning out my backpack, player proceed to ask me to fire my weapon because he knew he emptied my ammunition except for whatever was left in my magazine.

08/15/2017 11:03 PM to 09/16/2017 7:22 PM - please make ban appeal and post what mod you where using:

Player has a history of using restricted mods and has been warned and punished for using them in the past. His/her most recent note by another Admin states that:

[Admin] at 09/16/2017 7:24 PM -" unbanned with warning. Next time perm no exceptions - it has been a month and he does not remember with mod it may have been. Sent link to forum list, and warned, any op weapon = perm ban"

Here we are 5 months later and player is in a similar situation. I will be the first to give a person the benefit of the doubt, but your actions are becoming habitual.

SineP, can you please list the Mod you were using to better match your uniform please? Hopefully your memory has the capacity to remember things that are at least a week old vs a month. The status of your ban depends on it.

This was the mod I was using I will admit to taking the things the out your backpack as a joke, but I did not keep the items in my backpack and I did not think that this mod was overpowered(the only thing this mod does is make the backpacks invisible) but if you see it this way I can not argue. I do apologize for taking the items out of your bag I can understand that this was frustrating to you but to me at the time I thought that it was funny. I have since disabled the mod and will no longer be using it especially if allowed back on this server.

Taking items from someone’s backpack is considered griefing, and is a bannable offence. I hope that you do not think that taking things from a player to annoy them is acceptable. I would not find it funny to have to keep going back into the arsenal because someone was removing items from my backpack.

The mod is acceptable, it does not change the default capacity, all it does is remove the textures.

Since we now know the mod isn’t OP, I will remove the Perm ban. However, as Vile mentioned, griefing is still a bannable offense. I will change your ban to 1 week from the date of the offense. Thank you for coming forward and admiting your wrong doing, your honesty is appreciated. However, let this be a lesson.