Modified - Sebby - Ban appeal

Username Sebby.
Steam: Steam Community :: sebby24912.
Banned for “team killing and then disconnecting and wasting admins time”.
Banned on altis server at around 6pm EST.

So I was goofing off with my friend (Cream Queen Steam Community :: Cream Queen) who recently just did an appeal recently.
I teamkilled him and he called an admin which kicked me, then he teamkilled me and called an admin, we ultimately wasted admin’s time and I apologize for that, if you would kindly take in account for my previous mistakes and give me one more chance. I promise to be a respectful player and only request an admin when it is needed, thank you.

TK is a big issue on our server and we take the matter seriously. The admin that banned you is Vile and he is the only one to unban you like your friend or keep you banned.

Would you be able to contact him for me?

I have seen the appeal, I will get to it later. If I do change your ban, it will be from when the ban was created.

First of all, your ban has very little to do with team killing , and more to do with false reporting. Sorry Internet went down while doing the research on your ban. I am having Internet issues due to a snow storm, so you will have to be patient. I will respond in more detail tomorrow.

In order for me to make a decision to reduce your ban, I would like the following from you. First I need to understand that you know what you did is not appropriate, so in your own words explain why you were banned.

Second, based on your first answer, if you were in my position, why would you let someone back on the server that did what you did?

I will review your reply and give you my decision on the ban appeal.

  1. I was banned for goofing off with a friend and he teamkilled me, I falsely called an admin to get him removed as a joke, I wasted admin’s time ultimately taking time out of them doing what they actually need to do to keep the server fun.

2.If I were in your situation, I would give someone a second chance after this because everyone can learn from their mistakes, what I did wasn’t a good, but I will better myself as a player and a part of the community, I want to see the NAK community strengthen and thrive, it is truly the best cooperative server out there, mod support, and just amazing people in it. I hope you can find somewhere a second chance to give me.

Not the best answers…but I will reduce your ban to 14 days as well. Please be aware that any future serious infractions will be met with a permanent ban. This is your second and only chance. Your ban will be in effect until 01/16/2018 4:16 PM Eastern Time. That is in 11 days.