Modified - nggater ban appeal

  • nggater

  • Steam Community :: ntGator♔

  • Intentional team killing, 7days

  • I didn’t get to talk to an admin, around 7pm CST December 30th

  • A friend of mine is new to the game, so I brought him on your Invade an annex server to show him the ropes and stuff. We took a marshal out of spawn so I could show him how vics work. Anyway, we’re at the AO and we get hit by a rpg and eventually blows up the vic. I jump out but get downed. random guy rezs me, I got up shot the guy who shot the Marshall, he was like 300m away or something like that. Turns out he was friendly. I dont remember his name and I dont want to start a witch hunt, but he immediately hops on global and says I’m revenge team killing. Before I can even finish typing that It was an accident in global I got kicked off the server for 7 days.

I’d usually let this slip, but just how I feel like it was a misunderstanding, and I didnt really get to tell my side of the story, and 7 days seems a lil harsh, just thought I’d post here just to get an answer from someone. I can give more details or whatever you need on request.


Your ban would have been 1 day, but you have a history of TK rule violations. Your first ban, listed below, was for 3 days because you disconnected after TK’ing. Because this was your second violation in less than 30 days, the ban goes to the next level which is 7 days.

6 minutes prior to you ban you were reported for TK’ing ( 12/30/2017 8:04 PM (Global) Tecrobet ADMIN HELP Ngatar team killed)- I let it go because it did not look intentional, then at 8:10 you killed the same player again. Therefor the ban. It is very hard to believe that you accidentally killed the same person twice in less than 10 min.

The appeal is denied.

The reporting player was kicked, for shooting the rocket at your tank.

First ban on file
12/19/2017 5:19 PM to 12/22/2017 5:19 PM - Rule #3 Intentional team killing then disconnected. Banned for 3d - expires 12/22/2017 5:19 PM by G0lden

I spoke to another admin and reviewed the logs again. There was only a single TK by you on Tecrobet. Although you still “qualify” under our rules for a 7 day ban, I will reduce the ban to 3 days. The ban is in effect until 01/02/2018 8:10 PM ET.