Modified - creamqueen - Ban Appeal

Username Cream Queen
Steam: Steam Community :: Cream Queen
banned for “teamkilling”
banned on Altis server at around 4pm est?
I was goofing off with my friend Sebby (Steam Community :: sebby24912), he teamkilled me (as a joke) and I told an admin as a joke, he got kicked then joined and I killed him, then he told an admin, but I got banned, I apologize for wasting admin’s time with this, I would like to continue to play on this server.
I am unsure which admin banned me, and the time is approximate
my friend can vouch for me at roughly 3pm est

Your behavior was absolutely unacceptable. My first reaction is to deny your appeal, but I’m going to give you a chance. Your response to the questions below will decide your fate.

I reviewed the server logs and my notes from listening into your group chat. You have less 10 hours on our servers and you broke our server rules no less than 7 times, and these are just the ones that I have proof of, my guess is that you broke our rules many more times…

The rule violation that finally got you banned was team killing and false reporting, you thought that it would be funny to lie, not once but twice, about players team killing. You took the admin away from working on other tasks to improve the NAK community and you discredited the process of self reporting.

When a player appeals a ban, I ask myself “what are the chances that the player is going to break server rules again?” and “what does the player add to the NAK community?”

I would like you to honestly answer those two questions about yourself . Based on your response I will decide what to do with the ban.

Well the chances I break the rules are relatively slim now, but it can still happen, I am only being honest, I try my best to follow the rules, I try my hardest to offer a fun experience with my friend and I, all while keeping myself under control.

What do I add to the community? Well, nothing, I’m just another player, but I have fun in the server and I try to help others out when I can, I enjoy this server because there are not many others like it. I hope you see it through and lift the ban, but if not then I suppose I can carry through and only hope to find a server as rich with content and experience as the NAK Community does.

As for the other rules I have broke, I really don’t recall them, but if you have proof of them, then they are true, I do recall calling a teammate a certain word after he purposely teamkilled me in the middle of nowhere, but as for the others, I don’t know. I do try to contain my anger, but given the circumstances of what happened that one time, which was the only time I recall, I will try my hardest not to let it happen again.

I apologize for wasting admins time, and the times where I was using vulgar language, I want to try my hardest to create a safe place for people to enjoy the game and the amazing things the server has to offer.

I appreciate the honesty, and your answers to my question are what I hope to hear. I do not expect players in our community to do anything more than “create a safe place for people to enjoy the game”.

I want to make sure that you and other players that read this, do not think that they can false report to get players kicked or banned, and that there will be no repercussions.

I will reduce the ban, but I want the level of punishment to match what I feel is the severity of the action. I am changing your ban to 14 days. You will be banned until 01/16/2018 4:16 PM Eastern Time.

If your friend that was banned at the same time wants his banned changed he will also need to appeal. (But I will ask him other questions.)