Modified - Ben - Ban Appeal

  1. Ben
  2. Steam Community :: Error
  3. Banned for racism permanent ban
  4. No idea the time I believe admin was CopOut
  5. Well I don’t believe this is really needed for me just saying something in a joking way rather than a offensive manner but I get that its considered offensive regardless so I’m just asking for another chance since I failed to read the rules on that kind of stuff the first time around. I’m not a toxic player at all and usually don’t cause any trouble and just try to play and have fun. I would appreciate you considering giving me another chance thanks

CopOut is the admin that banned you and is the only one that can comment on your ban. I will bring this appeal to his attention.

I have zero tolerance for racism. It can try to be masked by manipulating the spelling or throwing an accent on it, but the core is still there. I do not see how what was stated could be an endearing comment. However, at this time I will reduce the ban from perm to 7 days. Any additional violations of this nature will be unacceptable and will return the ban to perm. I appreciate that you see how this is concerning to us and how our servers are maintained. Thank you for your post.

The ban will expire on 01/10/18 at 0321 hrs. Central time.

Please acknowledge your understanding of this ban modification prior to the expiration date. I would like to make sure you understand the terms of this. Failure to reply will re-instate the original ban.

Thank you.

Ban extended to 01-15-18 to allow time for player to acknowledge admin response. If no response is received, ban will return to permanent and player will need to submit a new ban appeal for consideration.

I apologize for never responding I understand this modification thank you

Thank you. The ban has been lifted, with time served.