Mod Suggestion

LRR Silenced

The role of Sniper is a popular one on NAK Servers, especially now with the addition of the NAK LYTHIUM INVADE & ANNEX SERVER. ArmA 3 (Vanilla) has only two recognized sniper rifles, the LRR .408 and the GM6.

ArmA 3 has been promising to include a Silencer (can) for the LRR .408 and GM6 for a number of years, but they have yet to do so.

Now, a mod maker has developed a Silencer for the LRR .408, which I tested in Single-Player and it works perfectly. The report is low and virtually undetectable by the ei; (very similiar to the silenced MX Rifles and the like).

The current situation, using the A3 designated Sniper Rifles is no matter how well you conceal yourself, once you fire the LRR .408, the EI know exactly where you are.

The above listed MOD, if you would choose to add it to the Accepted Mods List, would add nothing to the game, except a Silencer (can) for the LRR .408.

It gives a Player user “no-advantage” over other player’s as all Players would have access to it’s use; and add’s only one attachment to one rifle. The same type attachment available on most all of the other A3 Weapons.

This mod would be a great help to those of us who thoroughly enjoy the art of playing in the Sniper Role.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this mod suggestion.

Walker CJ

Dont think that is blacklisted… are you being kicked from the pub servers like altis if you try?

I have downloaded it to try it today. If it is as described, I do not see any reason not to allow it. Will let you know.

This mod is allowed and does not trigger any restrictions. All it does is add silencer to the larger vanilla sniper rifles. I think Walker CJ was just recommending the mod for players lake like the sniper role.