Mod Restriction Appeal - NiArms MG3

As someone who has always been a fan of WW2 games, I’ve always loved the MG42, and by extension the MG3. However, I’ve always felt that for the ArmA games, there’s never really been a good representation of the MG42 until NiArms came out with their MG3 modpack.

I was instantly in love. The sounds were nice, the model is gorgeous, the reload animations made me glee as my character actually pulled back the bolt and popped open the top cover. It wasn’t just some halfassed generic copypaste gun with an MG42 skin, it was a well made, detailed quality MG3/42 mod, a dream finally come true.

Which is why I’m sad that it’s banned on the NAK servers.
It isn’t that I can’t see how it might appear overpowered, the rate of fire is astonashing (as well it should be).
But I don’t feel that it’s more overpowered than other weapons that are allowed, some even directly mentioned on the “Mods Restriction” page, such as the EricJ AT4 Guided which allows you to carry lots of rockets, even in a standard backpack, and the HE can oneshot a Tigris from any distance. Of course, it’s guided too, so you wont miss.
Or the PKM from the CUP weapons pack that can drop an AI with two hits, easily able to finish off an entire squad with one magazine.

Allow me to try to persuade you further.
The Navid, CSAT MMG added in the Marksman DLC. In full auto it’s a beast. 9.3mm rounds ensure that targets hit will almost certainly drop, and the 150 round box magazines ensure you can keep dropping. “But the rate of fire is much lower, hence it’s balanced!” I hear you say.
Is it lower? True, the fullauto firemode is slower than the MG3/42. But, if you put it in burst and keep clicking, the Navid is, at least, very close to the same rate of fire as the MG3, yet uses 9.3mm rounds which are significantly more powerful, and with less drop than the 7.62mm NATO in the MG3 and the 7.92mm in the MG42.
By contrast, the MG3/42 featured in NiArms pack has its recoil as well, and with a weaker round, it’ll require more hits to drop enemies with than the Navid, a problem that shows itself very clearly once you reach beyond 400m where the MG3/42’s accuracy shows.

I’d love to have the restriction on this mod lifted so I can get my hands on a proper MG42 for when I drop onto Malden in my german M43 WW2 uniform, pretending to be fighting in the hills of Italy, rather than the usual copypaste MG42s you usually find.

Either way, thank you for taking your time to read this and for considering my request.

  • Crazy Mastiff

The main problem from my point of view, and therefore the Zeus server, with NiArms is the mods are written poorly. There is issue in the code that falsely reports the weapon statistics in game. Second with some of the NiArms mods there is unnecessary code that in the past has caused issues. Because of that I have just blanked banned NiArms mods on the Zeus server.

I just do not have the time to go through every mod to see if the modder has improved his skill.

But, I will look into this mod and see if it should be allowed. Unfortunately it is not a priority so it may take some time. I will let you know either way. Claws may have other reasons for not allowing the mod on the invade and annex servers.

Thanks for the fast response.
I see, I wasn’t aware that the NiArms coder had poor coding in his mods. I can see how that can be problematic sometimes.
I hope it gets allowed, but either way, thanks for taking your time to look through it, I appreciate it.

For some reason the R1 Remington is banned as well but is not listed in the mod restriction page as well. Fix this, please! :smiley:

R1 Remington ?

Remington R1, its a 1911 from Project Infinite

Cool , going check