Mod Request - Community Factions Project (CFP)

  1. Community Factions Project (CFP)

  2. This mod adds a large amount of historically and geographically accurate factions, that have been involved in large conflicts across the world (such as Al-Qaeda, The Islamic State, etc)to the game (full list in the workshop page), it includes 900 new custom re-textures and items (as in the AI equipment, no new weapons, such as custom clothing that represents their factions) as well as support for Zeus, Alive and ACE, as stated by the creator. The mod uses CUP Weapons, Vehicles and Units to create and remodel factions, this is a general enhancement that really would expand the immersion of the game.

  3. Steam Workshop::Community Factions Project (CFP)

  4. I think we should add this mod as a part of the NAK Tac mods for its added immersion. I think that many missions could be created focused on these enemy factions and would make it a lot more realistic and enjoyable overall. By adding this mod many new missions could be created that could simulate real conflicts and give players more knowledge about their enemies. This mod does not change any aspect of the game, but it would be very nice to fight against actual enemies involved in global conflicts around the world, I think that many players would enjoy this mod for that reason.

I will look at it. It looks interesting but the 3.5gb size is a little concerning.

It is indeed a heavy mod, but totally worth it from what I’ve tested so far. It will also become a very used mod, as it will basically replace the enemy AI we already have, so it will be a mod seen in almost every mission if it gets incorporated, therefor it would not really be a “waste”, as it will be used quite a lot, if you know what I mean.

So far it is not working well, it is conflicting with the MASSI unit mods we use, and I am getting an error related to the mod that it causing the map not to load. Also looking that the comments, it does not look like it is ready for production yet. Just 2 hours ago he had to fix a bug that was causing all missions dependent on the mod not to work, and it looks like the same thing happened about 2 weeks ago.

I think because the author is still making a lot of changes to the mod, he is introducing errors. I can not implement a mod that will effectively take down the server if the author introduces a bug into the mod. This is a risk with all mods, but most mods are more stable than this one.

I will look into whether there is a fix for the Massi compatibility issues but the authors statement from june 20th, “We can’t help issues if you’re running another faction mod on top of our faction mod.”, does not look promising and I will keep an eye on the mod to see if it stabilizes.

Contacted the developer and asked him if he was going to create a MASSI compatibilty patch in the future, this was his response:

“no. We don’t make compatibility patches with other faction mods. Also, Massi is no longer supporting his stuff so you’d be better off to look for alternative faction packs”

Thats a shame, but if you want me to I can look for some other faction mods we could use that are compatible with MASSI.

Or I could try to contact the MASSI devs and ask them if they has any thoughts on creating a patch (which i hightly doubt)

I will keep an eye on this one. Once it is finally stable, it might be a good time to consider moving from MASSI. You might want to remind me in 6 months , and we can see where they are.

Alright, ill set an alarm :laughing:

But Ill also keep an eye on them, and see how they move on, they do have a team of 4 devs, so hopefully they will be able to make the mod stable enough in 6 months.