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VPHUD (Virtual Pilot Head-Up Display)

What is VPHUD?
Have you ever felt the need to look at the aircraft fixed gauges, because it had no HUD?
Have you ever crashed your aircraft because you were distracted looking at such gauges?
Have you ever wished the Advanced Flight Model GUI existed in the Standard Flight Model?
If that’s your case then I’m glad to tell you that VPHUD seeks to solve all those problems and wishes you ever had before.

VPHUD is a seamless addon that adds two virtual gauges to all aircraft which do not have native HUD support.
A Artificial Horizon to help you understand when your airplane is upside down, or if you’re landing your helicopter perfectly leveled.
A Vertical Speed Indicator to give you crucial information if the landing you’re attempting to make is too harsh for your aircraft to handle.
Some other misc information is also available such as height from surfaces (not ground terrain) and speed.

How it works?
As mentioned before, the addon works seamlessly without the need for any configuration.
All you have to do is get in a aircraft as pilot, and the VPHUD will pop up immediatly.
At the left will show up the Vertical Speed Indicator and at the right the Artificial Horizon.
Aircraft that have built-in HUDs will not make VPHUD appear by default.
But that’s not all, you can change VPHUD’s settings by scrolling and selecting “VPHUD Options”.

What settings can I change?
In VPHUD’s Options menu you’ll be able to:
● Change the System of Units between Metric System and Imperial System.
● Change VPHUD scale and positioning.
● Enable a virtual crosshair and change its color. You can use the crosshair only if you don’t care about the gauges.
● Force/unforce VPHUD to show up, ignoring built-in filtering options.