Mod: Dual Arms: Two Primary Weapons

I am just wondering if the below mod is allowed on the servers…

Dual Arms: Two Primary Weapons

It allows people to bring another primary weapon on their launcher slot.
It shouldn’t be too OP since the weight of the gun and additional ammo is added like normal.

Although this one does replace the launcher, there is another similar mod that allows you to carry 2 primaries a secondary and a launcher. Your second point about weight, weight is never an issue on the public servers, as we have fatigue turned off the only restriction is the capacity of the carriers (backpack and vest), therefore this could be considered OP.

My general rule of thumb when deciding if a mod should be allowed is; is there anything in the vanilla game that does the same thing or does it give a player an advantage over players that use no mods. In the case of this mod, there is nothing in the vanilla game that does the same or similar, the question becomes does it give a player an advantage over a non modded player.

Personally I do not have a big issue with this mod. It is not restricted at this time. I am going to ask the other admins for their opinions. I say go ahead and use it for now, if you try to connect and get a script restriction, this will most likely be the cause.

Alrighty, I figured I could have used the mod anyways since its a new one, but I wanted an opinion.

I mainly just wanted to carry a CQB rifle and a sniper for being effective at various distances.

Well… Apparently the mod as some conflict with the NAK servers or mods others are using.

Malden lets me go as far as choosing a role before freezing, but Altis straight up freezes immediately.

Guess there goes wanting to use this mod…

I tried it on Altis as well, and had the same issue. The description says it will work on MP, but they use a few event handlers that we be an issue on many dedicated servers. I would not expect this mod to work any time soon.

I just don’t understand why it cant be used, I understand about the vanilla side of things, but a lot of people use mods. And its quite simple to go to the workshop and press subscribe. I’ve been waiting for a mod like this for years. So if on one of the servers you could enable it that would be wonderful. And ill donate $20 to the servers (Ill probably do it anyways because you are the only people that host good arma servers.)

You are missing the point. We did not restrict this mod, it just does not work.

Also it appears to be very restrictive… You cannot add the 2nd weapon unless the mod specifically supports it.

@milsimman08, you’ll prob have better luck asking the admins to host the OP “Left Shoulder Scripted Weapon” mod on the servers.

We will not be adding any mods to our main Arma servers, as server mods. We will continue to allow many client side mods as long as they are not “OP”. This mod tries to do some things right, but just missed the mark. It is possible that this modder will improve the way he adds the second primary weapon, or maybe this will spur another modder to add the second weapon another way.