Migrating to a new system: how do I keep my current account?

Hello everyone,

In about two weeks time I will be migrating to a new system, upgrading my shoddy laptop to an actual gaming PC. However trying it yesterday, I noticed that my Teamspeak and Arma both signed in with different usernames. How can I fix this?

For Arma, I signed in with my own credentials on steam, however it seems to default back to the standard username on that pc.

For Teamspeak I have looked into account details, but I am not familiar with any sign in details or account options. I was able to use the same name, however it put me back at private.

Thanks in advance!

For the Arma profile name we have a document in the FAQ section of the forum - https://naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=553, steps 4 and 5 specifically talk about profile files.

For TeamSpeak go into Tools>Options>myTeamSpeak and create an account on teamspeak. Make sure under myTeamSpeak Account features: the synchronization option is checked, in my case I leave it on automatic. After it synchronizes go to Tools>Identities and make sure the identity you use is under “Synchronized Identities” if not you should be able to drag it. Then on your new computer make sure you do the same steps.

If you need more help poke me on TS.

Ah great thanks! With these walkthroughs I should be able to get it fixed, but if not i’ll contact you. Thanks alot!

Regarding Arma, you will have to make a new Arma profile. However, since it is tied to your steam account, Arma will remember all your units (NAK Elite etc). Name, settings and such will have to be redone.

I just saved my old profile directory myself when I migrated to my threadripper… and copied it over… C:\Users<windows user name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\Users<arma name> just moved the whole folder to the new location.

Teamspeak you should be using their cloud stored setting user accounts.

Okay guys, hold on we are providing potentially incorrect information, part of the reason I told him to contact me on TeamSpeak is that there is the potential for files to be in different locations. I try to have all new admins create a help file of some sort, so I just found Medimens new task.

Golden you do not have to make a new profile, but it might be recommended, you almost assuredly will have to re download mods, but you can easily transfer all of your saved games, settings, and keybindings. sycholic that is not the default location for most players, that location was used prior to version 1.65 (over two years now) and it should have been migrated to a new location when updating. If it did not move when you updated Arma, you did not run the update as Administrator i.e. it did not have the permissions to create the folders in the “documents” directory.

There are three default places to locate Arma profiles. It is possible to change these locations, but if you changed the default location you should be able to find your profiles.

#1 %appdata%..\local\Arma 3\users (just paste this into the location bar in File Explorer). Backup/move/copy any file with extension .Arma3Profile. If your files are in this location Make sure to follow the instruction in the FAQ forum on changing your profile name. if the directory does not exist try #2
#2 %UserProfile%\Documents\Arma 3 (just paste this into the location bar in File Explorer) Backup/move/copy any file with extension .Arma3Profile. This is your default profile. This profile name can not be changed and will normally be your computer system login name. I recommend not using the default profile, you should always make a second profile. Using the default profile gives potential hackers 50% of the information needed to brute force hack your computer.
#3 %UserProfile%\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles (just paste this into the location bar in File Explorer) If you have any folders in this location, this is most likely the profile you use on a regular basis. Backup/move/copy the entire folder structure when you restore it you will have all of your settings (keybindings, graphic settings, etc.) and save files.

yeah I was going to post the link via %appdata% but was worried about confusion pointing them to use “…” to move up a directory :slight_smile:

I do have a directory in my documents but only things I find in there is my mission files and editor stuff. As for admin never needed ever to run arma as admin (is that abnormal?)

I recommend that everyone run the launcher as Administrator. If you had most likely your profiles would have moved to the more standard location, during an update in the past. We have also seen a couple other issues that were/are resolved by running the launcher as admin. The most important time to run it as Admin is during updates, but it is difficult to tell when Arma is going to do an update, often you don’t know until after launching the game.


Read my post regarding transferring your TeamSpeak profile using the following link: