Medics dont seem to be useful on NAK#1 :confused:

Is there any reason why I cant revive people on the battlefield? It’s kind of frustrating because it makes a whole class seem kind of useless :frowning:


the Basic damage model uses the new calculation that is being used by Advanced and Realistic damage model; this will be changed soon
That is why, you cant revive. i did try to force “set the unit unconscious” after getting shot from low caliber, also( non vital part) but still bug as hell, so i decided to wait until Bohemia update the revive system (jet dlc) .

Often times when I am shot to critical level, I become injured/immobilized and not dead. I tend to use a descent armor set which may have something to do with it. I can also take several hits before dropping to the ground.

yet set to veteran , so one shoot , one kill :smiley:

You will have to make a script to set c0p0ut’s difficulty to veteran and leave everyone else the way it is, I think he would appreciate the challenge. :smiley:


indeed :laughing: